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Meet Joe

Home Town: Aransas Pass, TX

Currently Lives: Georgetown, TX

First Marathon: Chesapeake Bay Bridge Marathon 2003



Joe is the oldest of six siblings who grew up in the small South Texas town of Aransas Pass. A runner in High School, it wasn’t until he joined the U.S. Navy that his passion for running became a pivotal part of his military career and life as a physical fitness leader. In October of 2003 he ran his first marathon, the Chesapeake Bay Bridge Marathon. From that moment on he became a self-proclaimed endurance junkie. Although it took some time since that fall day in 2003 he has run over 40 marathons, in 7 different states,  over 35 Half Marathons, and countless other runs ranging from 5km to 15km setting personal records in each race over the last couple years.


In October of 2005 Joe attempted his very first Ultra Marathon, the Resurrection Pass 100 Miler in Alaska which he failed miserably. Since then he has completed 4 Ultra Marathons and even placed 1st in the Male Division of the 2010 Lake Tahoe 50 Miler.


Living by the motto of “You set your own Limitations”, Joe did the unthinkable and ran to his hometown in South Texas. In May of 2012 he would complete his Trot to Texas, by running from San Diego, CA back to Aransas Pass, TX where it all started for him. The expedition took 31 days to complete and challenged him physically, mentally, and emotionally. In those 31 days he would cover nearly 1500 miles an average of about 50 miles a day. The Trot to Texas not only allowed Joe to fulfill a dream, but it allowed him to raise money for several charities:


The American Diabetes Association

Susan G. Komen for the Cure (Breast Cancer)

Kano’s Kids (Fighting Childhood Obesity)

Wounded Warrior Project


After realizing his dream of running to Texas, Joe has been inspired to use his running to help his fellow runners by running every race he can carrying one to two flags, the Ensign and a POW/MIA flag, and serves as a pacer with Beast Pacing. Never one to shy away from a conversation he loves talking to runners on the course and provides as much motivation to his fellow runners as he can, while providing a beacon of hope to his fellow Americans and Veterans alike. 


“As a veteran, I never want to allow the memory of those who offered their lives and paid the ultimate sacrifice for our country and our freedoms to be forgotten. Carrying the flags is not easy task, and some days the pain can almsot be unbearable, but I do it for my brothers and sisters of the Armed Forces. Their pain, their sacrifices is what pushes me to keep running. It motivates me to try harder. All gave some, some gave all! The pain and struggles I face with each mile I run is my thank you for everything they did for you and me. “

“The only thing stopping you from achieving your goals; is what looks back at you in the mirror every day. The only limitations you truly have are the ones you place on yourself. Live, love, and run without limits!” - Running Joe

Personal Records
  • 10km/6.2 Miles - 40:39 - Dominos St. Patricks Day 10K 2013

  • Half Marathon - 1:36:22 - Hooleys Half Marathon 2013

  • Full Marathon - 3:42:54 - OC Marathon 2013

  • 50 km/31 Miles - 4:51:29 - Fresno Two Cities Marathon 2011

  • 50 Miles - 9:38:02 - Lake Tahoe 50 Miler 2011

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